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How to Get Started

How To Get Started

Ready to dive into the Society? It's easy! Take a look through the various sections of this website to get an idea of how to get started with the different types of activities we do. The SCA offers a fantastic resource called the Known World Handbook which is filled with articles to help you get started. We've provided a preview article for free in the "Attend an Activity" section below!

When we've piqued your interest, here's a step-by-step guide for getting started in the SCA!

My friends in the SCA introduced me and brought me in. It was great and so easy to be able to jump right into it and attend my first event. I had a great time! -- Lord Tiberius Finn

Locate Your Group

The first step to participating in the SCA is determining the kingdom and local group in which you live.

The “Find Your Group” link on our navigation menu will bring up our "Kingdom Lookup" tool. Using our "Kingdom Lookup" tool,  select your state / province / country to see which Kingdom covers that area. The results will have a link to that Kingdom’s website, where you can find a list of local groups and the territory they cover.

After looking on the kingdom website for the group(s) nearest to you, follow the link to that group's website. It may list local meetings and practices which you can visit to meet the group's members and find out more about their activities.

Get in Touch

To contact someone from the local group:

  1. Look for the “Officers” link on their website (it may be called “Regnum” or “Curia”).
  2. Contact the Newcomers' Officer, known as the Chatelaine (also Hospitaller, Castellan) to get more information about the local group.
  3. If there is no listing for Chatelaine, contact the Seneschal, or Chapter President.

(If the group does not have a website, contact the Kingdom Chatelaine/Hospitaller (listed under "Officers") who can put you in touch with the officers of that group.)

Attend an Activity

Most local groups host a wide variety of activities throughout the month, which can include business meetings, arts and sciences workshops, combat practices, and weekend events. These are usually listed on the group's website.

Once you find an activity that interests you, check with the Chatelaine or Seneschal to see if there are any requirements or costs to participate (such a materials fee or food cost). Then visit! Then, go have fun! You can learn more about Getting Ready for your First Event in this preview article from the Known World Handbook!

The most important thing you can do on your first visit to the SCA is introduce yourself and ask questions. Society participants have a wide range of interests and love to share with people who want to learn about them

Purchase an SCA Membership (Optional)

Paid membership in the SCA has many great benefits :

  • Discounted entry fees at most events
  • Membership card – check in at events quickly by presenting your card
  • Voting privileges in your local group – polls on local group matters are sent to those on the membership list
  • SCA Publications – while the kingdom newsletters and Board Minutes can be accessed publicly, paid members have the option to subscribe to paper versions, as well as subscribing to Tournaments Illuminated (the quarterly magazine of the Society), and the Compleat Anachronist booklet series.

Under 18 Years of Age? Read First!

A note for our visitors 17 years of age or younger: we absolutely welcome you to participate in our activities and events! Some of the things you can do in the Society, however, require a parent or guardian to provide permission or complete authorizing paperwork before participation. Please check with your kingdom to determine what's needed from your parent or guardian for you to enjoy the Society to the fullest!