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The Society offers a variety of engaging magazines, journals, and newsletters to keep you in touch with the Current Middle Ages.

Newsletters and Supplements

publication exampleEvery kingdom of the Society publishes a monthly electronic newsletter that provides details on upcoming events, letters from the Crown and Officers, and other news from around the kingdom. Additionally, the kingdoms frequently publish supplemental issues outside of the monthly newsletter that feature special content by kingdom residents. This may include articles on arts and sciences topics, poetry and stories, children’s activities, photos from events, and more. The kingdom newsletter is provided as a benefit of most categories of SCA membership!

Many of our local branches also publish regular newsletters! Check with your local Chronicler to see if they have an ongoing newsletter.

Tournaments Illuminated

Tournaments Illuminated is the Society for Creative Anachronism’s quarterly magazine for its membership throughout the Known World.

TI features kingdom news, a humor column, war reports, museums exhibits of interest, medieval destinations, book reviews, and listings of major SCA events. Article topics cover how to thrive in the SCA, as well as works of research on pre-seventeenth-century Western culture. It is available as an optional subscription with your Society membership!

The Compleat Anachronist

The Compleat Anachronist is a monograph series published four times a year by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Each issue focuses on a topic relevant to the time period we cover. The Compleat Anachronist gives readers an opportunity to review a subject in much more detail than Tournaments Illuminated, Kingdom Arts and Sciences publications, or local newsletters can provide.

In years past, The Compleat Anachronist has covered the knightly virtues, weaponry and armor, formal poetic structure, tavern songs, board games, and a host of other topics. It is also available as an optional subscription with your Society membership!

If you’re interested in learning more about Society publications, contact the Chronicler of your nearest branch to find out what publications are available in your area!